Our emphasis on professionally advising decorating and design strategies is built upon the premise that we know what works best. Our experience in Sydney's, sometimes volatile property market, has lead us to believe that space is an asset to be enjoyed by people while an asset is a space to yield profit, both remunerative and emotional. Hence, we take pride in ensuring, whether a property be sought for resale or comfort, whether the design is to be actualised internally or externally, that we never fail to live up to our business' credo that 'spaces are for people, assets are for owners'.

Personal Shopping

Our personalised shopping service and procurement processes are endemic to Decor Advice. Our policies are clear and concise in this arena. It's your money, it's yours to spend. We are simply there to advise you in the most ethical and economically efficient fashion on how to realise your dreams, whether it be procurement for personal, business or familial satisfaction. Here our emphasis is on recommending what you are already comfortable with while, for those willing and able, probing the boundaries of the exciting but liberating unknown. We have found time and time again that when we procure things we love and can be at harmony with it starts to effect other areas of our lives. Home acquisitions are especially important as they not only bring to the fore an aesthetic judgement but represent who we are and the environment that we have chose to assimilate to. Our services extend to devising competent budgets that reflect best practise and fair market prices. It is here that our knowledge of both global and domestic markets for these types of acquisitions demonstrates skill and proficiency in arbitrage.

Ready for Sale

Market's are volatile! Like the garden hose that's left unattended a pattern will eventually emerge before it suddenly turns on you unexpectedly. And so the property market mirrors this conception. We understand property markets, and in terms of design and decoration, what sells. Saying that, a space can only achieve its utmost potential if it is the owner who is completely comfortable with the final product. To quote a famous saying ' When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible'. Where passion is infused, nothing is impossible. We decide what we think will work best, you decide if it feels right, and if it does, that passion will be reflected in how your property is treated by consumers. Our service is all about restyling spaces in your own image; we are merely the conduit and success must always be a collaborative effort.